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Get an exclusive download of “Still Ridin (Til The Wheels Fall Off)” with any donation of at least $2 sent to your email. 51% of the money raised from this campaign is going to buy Christmas gifts for underprivileged kids in the Denver metro area while 49% goes directly to supporting me, the artist in a very real way. I appreciate you more than you know and i am truly grateful for your continued support. Thank you in advance and God bless you.

Still Ridin (Til The Wheels Fall Off)

by Andrew Young

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Andrew Young

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About Still Ridin (Til The Wheels Fall Off)

I just recorded a brand new song for my REAL RIDERS called “Still Ridin (Til The Wheels Fall Off)” I’m going to release a video for it tomorrow on youtube but the only way to download this song or listen to it without watching the video will be to support this Cause51 campaign with a donation of $2 or more. My hope is that the people who truly enjoy my art and wish to support me will have no issue supporting me directly with a donation of $2 (or however much you feel the art is worth to you) rather than letting streaming platforms tell me my art is only worth $1 if someone listens to it 200 times.

And the best thing about Cause51 is that 51% of the money raised from each campaign (the majority) actually goes to a cause the artists care about. My cause this season is buying Christmas gifts for underprivileged youth in the Denver metro area that would otherwise wake up on Christmas morning with no presents. I want these kids to feel the Love of God on Christ’s mass and with your support will enable me to do that. So please make a donation and support me, the artist as well as the kids I’d like to purchase Christmas gifts for. Thank you in advance

Also if you are in Bronco Gang and would like to be in the video, send a short video clip of you with your flag to themadfanatic@gmail.com TONIGHT

Name Donate Amount Date
Steve Quintana $80.00 November 14, 2023
Christopher Lane $0.00 December 09, 2022
Matt Fisher $5.00 November 03, 2022
Steve Najera $20.00 October 31, 2022
Felix Garcia Jr $2.00 October 30, 2022
Marvin Villegas $2.00 October 30, 2022
Alex Trujillo $2.00 October 30, 2022
Greg Ashalintubbi $2.00 October 30, 2022
Greg Ashalintubbi $10.00 October 30, 2022
Michael Roldan $2.00 October 30, 2022
Kristopher covey $5.00 October 30, 2022
Abraham Luna $5.00 October 30, 2022
Christopher Lane $4.00 October 30, 2022
Anonymous $2.00 October 30, 2022
Brandon McADAMS $2.00 October 30, 2022
Kevin Solorzano $2.00 October 30, 2022
Michael Soper $2.00 October 30, 2022
Tracy Mondragon $10.00 October 30, 2022
Joseph Kohles $10.00 October 30, 2022
Jerri Robinson $2.00 October 30, 2022
Anonymous $5.00 October 30, 2022
Logan Kochanowski $15.00 October 30, 2022
BRENDA Cherry $25.00 October 30, 2022
Jodi Powell $10.00 October 30, 2022
Jonathan Papandrea $2.00 October 30, 2022
Anonymous $10.00 October 30, 2022
Steve Quintana $6.00 October 30, 2022
Joshuah Rosen $20.00 October 30, 2022
Eric Pollack $20.00 October 30, 2022
Dexter Solano $20.00 October 30, 2022
Darby Day $2.00 October 30, 2022
Kyle Manley $2.00 October 30, 2022
Jared Ulibarri $5.00 October 30, 2022


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